Glasgow digital education specialist scoops national export prize


Glasgow digital education specialist scoops national export prize     


Glasgow-based Klik2Learn Ltd – a digital design company specialising in education – has further boosted its export ambitions after clinching a high-profile competition funded by UK Trade & Investment.   


The business – which has developed a new digital approach to improving spoken English along with blended learning content for the digital native generation – was among ten finalists vying for the top prize in Open to Export’s Action Plan Competition.


The five-strong company, which presented its Export Action Plan along with fellow finalists to a panel of judges at the International Festival for Business 2016, has been awarded £3k funding and additional benefits.

Ann Attridge, director of Klik2Learn Ltd, which employs 5 staff, said: “I’m bowled over – especially as it was a last minute decision to enter the competition. This accolade will undoubtedly enhance our reputation and the funding will be instrumental in furthering our international trade goals in countries including India, France and the Balkans. The Export Action Plan has been invaluable for challenging us and keeping us focused as we map out the next stage of our journey.”

Open to Export has been set up by the government as a digital solution to boost the UK’s SME exports. The Export Action Plan is the latest addition to its online offering, which is dedicated to helping businesses prepare to sell overseas by giving them free access to online information, support and advice.


Using the tool allows businesses to take ownership of their export strategies, making decisions along each step of their international trade journey – from selecting a market to delivering products or services to new customers.


Shoreditch-based Ops&Ops, which designs and produces 60s inspired footwear was awarded a special commendation, and fellow finalists were:


A & R House Ltd, Somerset – produces raw materials for plant extractions

Business Development Midlands Ltd, Birmingham – provides specialist training for professionals and businesses

Cherith Harrison Ltd, Edinburgh – produces British animal-inspired gifts

Pop-ettes Ltd, Sussex – produces fun and original origami animal characters for greeting cards and gifts  

PREA Ltd ®, Manchester – leading global consultancy specialising in the polymer chemicals and manufacturing industry

Prickly Thistle Scotland Ltd, Culbokie – designs and produces bespoke tartans inspired by individuals’ heritage

The Medical Stock Image Company, Surrey- aims to enhance the quality and availability of medical imagery through only using certified medical artists

West Berkshire Brewery, Berkshire – renowned for its award-winning range of traditional cask ales

Said Institute of Export chief executive, Lesley Batchelor OBE, who was on the judging panel: “Feedback from all the finalists demonstrated that the Export Action Plan is an excellent and easy to use resource which helps businesses to maximise the vibrant opportunities in international trade.  

“Well done to all the worthy companies who were shortlisted – their commitment, passion and entrepreneurial spirit made it challenging for the judges to select an overall winner and we wish them all continued success in their international trade ambitions.”

Fellow judges were James Cliffe, head of business banking at HSBC, Ian Ballentine, director of procurement at Heathrow, Mark Lindsay, Managing Director – Trade and International, Bibby Financial Services, Mark Lesniak at Great British Store and Mark Pountain, MD of previous Export Action Plan competition winner Charles Farris Candles.


The competition was sponsored by the International Festival for Business 2016 and Bibby Financial Services – both dedicated to helping more new and inexperienced exporters to thrive internationally.


Each of the 10 shortlisted companies has won a year’s free small business membership with the Institute of Export and a year’s free membership with the Great British Storeplease confirm this is correct.  


Companies interested in trying out the Export Action plan can do so at

Visit the IOE website for more information about our trainingqualifications and business membership, or contact us if you have any questions.


Klik2Learn shortlisted for the Open to Export Action Plan Competition

Glasgow business Klik2Learn Ltd, a digital design company that specialises in

education, is one of 10 inspiring British SMEs who have been shortlisted from over

40 companies for the government-backed Open to Export Action Plan Competition.


Each company will present the Export Action Plans they created using Open to

Export’s innovative digital business planning tool to a panel of expert judges on 30 th

June in Liverpool at the International Festival for Business 2016 (IFB2016). They are

competing for the chance to win £3,000 funding towards their overseas growth, as

well as additional benefits including one year’s free membership of the Institute of



The Export Action Plan Competition at IBF016, the world’s top business event,

attended by more than 30,000 delegates from 100 countries, sees Klik2Learn Ltd –

which works with education and training organisations to create blended learning

content and courses for the digital native generation

‘has developed a new digital approach to improving spoken English along with

blended learning content for the digital native generation,’

– and fellow finalists seeking to convince a high-powered judging panel that their

business would benefit most from the prize.


Open to Export is the government funded digital route to boost the UK’s SME

exports. The Export Action Plan tool part of a website dedicated to helping new and

inexperienced businesses prepare to sell internationally by giving them unlimited free

access to information, support and advice.


Using the Export Action Plan tool allows businesses to take ownership of their

international trade strategy and make decisions along each step of their exporting

journey – from selecting a market to delivering products or services to new

customers. The Export Action Plan provides support in the form of prompts, useful

resources and video and once complete, produces a report summarising answers

and actions in an easy to read and shareable format which is perfect for sharing with

international trade advisers or banks to better inform export planning conversations.


Ann Attridge, director of Klik2Learn Ltd, which employs 5 staff, said: “We are looking

to trade with countries including India and France. Trading globally presents a wealth

of opportunities, and the Export Action Plan has been an excellent and easy

resource to get us started. It’s tremendous to be shortlisted and we’re looking

forward to presenting our vision and plan at IFB2016.”

A Case Study for the Provision of Online SQA ESOL Qualifications






The case study which follows describes a pilot project undertaken between 4th January 2016 and 1st April 2016. The parties involved were Klik2learn, an Approved SQA Centre and specialist provider of online ESOL content and Learndirect. The rationale for the case study was to test the capacity of Klik2learn to fast track learners through an SQA National 4 (Level B1) ESOL qualification.  A range of students was provided through BEMIS, Glasgow, and the Glasgow ESOL Forum. They consisted of Arabic, Polish and Yoruba speakers from a variety of backgrounds: refugees, modern apprentices, housewives and those in full time employment.



Klik2learn developed the first SQA endorsed fully digital course for learners of English. Learndirect entered into a partnership with Klik2learn in 2015 to deliver ESOL qualifications using a digital model of delivery. The online course consists of two Units, each with 5 modules covering the SQA syllabus for English for Everyday Use and English for Work and Study. Each Unit is a stand –alone qualification requiring 40 hours of study.

unit1 unit2

Learners accessed the content at home, or in a library with a basic computer and internet connection. From July 2016, content will also be accessible on smartphones and tablets. The course contains over 280 interactive activities all of which can be completed in a maximum of 30 minutes.

To support the learner, the course includes an online dictionary, grammar guide, notebook for writing, voice recorder for speaking and forum and all activities provide instant feedback and answers.

Tutor support and assessment was provided face -to -face at Learndirect centres as required and tutors also supported students through the notebook and voice recorder. Learners were assessed at the beginning of the course to ensure they were at the right level.



Several important findings emerged from the study:

  1. Students often experienced difficulty with accessing a suitable device. As a consequence Klik2learn is introducing the option of a low cost android tablet as part of the package. This can if necessary be pre-loaded to avoid problems with internet connectivity.
  2. Students need to be self – motivated to complete the necessary hours of learning. Some students require a higher level of tutor monitoring to keep them on track. This can be achieved by regular tutor and peer –to-peer contact through the Forum. The Klik2learn system monitors all student activity and tutors can easily see how their students are performing.  Weekly checks and tutor encouragement will help to keep students on target.

After the initial assessment, students will now be given two further assessment dates in advance for half day assessment sessions when they have reached the required standard.

  1. Students were not always familiar with online learning. The initial meeting ensured that all students could login successfully and navigate around the course. The course has been subjected to rigorous testing and SQA approval to ensure that it works as intuitively as possible. Students are now given a Student Guide which explains how the course and assessment work and suggests minimum time allocations. It also requires them to sign a Code of Conduct, explains company policies and gathers the necessary information for SQA registration.
  2. Students appreciated the basic concept of the journey round the UK which enabled them, through additional material, to gain insights into Life in the UK.
  3. After 3 months of study, all students who were assessed as potential National 4 candidates, passed the assessments at first sitting. One student, assessed at a lower level, passed National 2.



  • Trials prior to and including the current case study have proven the success of the interactive digital content to engage students and improve all four language skills.
  • The use of audio options throughout allows students to improve listening and speaking skills as well as reading and writing.
  • Understanding of English grammar improved as a result of the systematic teaching and explanations throughout the course.
  • The flexibility of access was greatly appreciated by students who had work and family commitments or who were unable to obtain a place at a centre.
  • The main conclusion is the potential of the Klik2learn/Learndirect partnership to offer learners the chance to achieve a qualification in several months as opposed to an academic year of part- time study at a centre or college.



The following responses are from students who have used the Klik2learn digital course:


  • Current Learndirect student

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ibrahim Baroudy <>
Date: 7 April 2016 at 17:49
To: Ann Attridge <>

Hello madeam ANN Im so happy with klik2learn I need more opportunity with it IM always use the PC in public library it,s ok THANKS


  • Pilot conducted at Borders College January- March 2015


‘It made me feel very interested on it, keep me busy. I’ve liked it very much.’

‘The characters are a good guide to learn. They are very colourful and nice. I liked it when they chose different towns to travel. I’ve learned quite a lot about the UK with them. It makes it more fun – like a game.’

‘I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I think it will be nice and helpful to the students so it is important to make a good promotion of it. Congratulations!’

‘I found a few words that I didn’t understand but the dictionary was very helpful.’

The games about travelling in Britain was very good.’

‘I liked the pronunciation activities and the one where you describe your personality from your handwriting.’

‘There was an activity about the whole mobile culture. I really liked that because I learned a lot of words I didn’t know.’

‘I liked building sentences and finding the difference between formal and informal language.’


  1.  Interview with HNC student from Orkney College: June 2015


  • Please tell us a bit about the course you’re doing and why you decided to choose that subject…


Level B1 ESOL from Klik2learn. I have done the ESOL materials trial because it helps me to remember more words and to look for grammar to make my English more correct. I chose it because I want to work as a carer but have had no experience and this course gave me the chance to improve my English knowledge and take a course to be a carer at the same time.


  • What advantages does an online course have compared to a classroom- based course?


The advantage is that I have access at any time so I can have my supper and have a cup of tea and learn at home afterwards.  It is good for busy people like me when I have children, shift work and course work and I can’t always be in college at the same time every week.  I have a laptop and internet at home so I don’t need to come in to college to access the material. I can access them at home.


  • How hard is it to motivate yourself to work when you can dictate your own timetable?


Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes not. It depends how busy I am that week.  It was very difficult when I had a NAB (assessment) to prepare for.  It depends for the individual.  If you want to learn you will have time but if you don’t you will never have time.


  • Is contact with a tutor important or could you learn just by yourself?


It is important to have a contact with a tutor because sometimes I needed to write things but the computer cannot check what I write.  There were things that it would be good to give it to a tutor to check and if I’m unsure about how to do something.  If I don’t know why I need to do something there is no-one at home to ask so I would need a tutor.


  • What’s the best part of the course? And why?


The best part is that there is no time pressure so there are bits that I have done very fast and other bits I have done a few times to make them correct.  I could listen again until I catch the main points.

The repeating at the beginning when introducing hard words – there was a suggestion to check the dictionary and the examples that followed and filling in the blanks was useful.  Repeated practice was good. It makes it easier to recognise the word.  Examples and exercises helped with difficult words. Families of words like may, might, would, could, need etc are difficult to use in context and the practice was good.


  • How much time per week do you spend studying the course?


Approximately three hours per week


  • What have you learnt since doing your course that you didn’t know before?


I needed to build the sentences and this really helped my understanding of a correct sentence.  I find the structure of sentence difficult and this has improved my sentences.  I now have fewer mistakes in the writing I show my tutor.  


  • If you could get a complete ESOL qualification online using this course, would you be interested?


Yes, definitely. The materials are helpful for me. It is user friendly and is enjoyable.  The short and longer exercises give me a choice of what to do according to the time I have and according to how tired or busy I am.  I am using it in preparation for doing a full time HNC course in care next year.  It also helps with my son’s homework because I can check the things I don’t know.

K2L Ltd. Strathclyde University Incubator, 50 Richmond Street, Glasgow G11XP


Tel 0141 303 8495 Mob. 07825 836086

Ann Attridge M.A(Hons), M.Litt, M.Ed, LTCL, PGDE


Ann Attridge Founding Director Klik2learn, is a Chartered Teacher with degrees in English, French, and Educational Management. She has over 20 years in education including the secondary, further and tertiary sectors. Nine years in ESOL teaching led to an M.Litt research  degree in Applied Linguistics. In 2010 Ann was awarded A Royal Society of Edinburgh Enterprise Fellowship to set up Klik2learn.

Robert Rennie


Robert Rennie Technical Adviser to Klik2learn, has been leading teams, managing software projects and developing innovative solutions for over 20 years and has been a director of several companies ranging in size from 2 to 220 staff. He has worked at a senior level in Learning & Teaching Scotland and the Scottish Centre for Enabling Technologies. Robert provides technical consultancy and software development services to Klik2learn.

Mark Haldane BA (Hons), MSc


With a background in animation and design, Mark Haldane has a love for visual storytelling. Mark utilises his skills to design and build visual, interactive learning tools within Klik2learn with an eye to making them fun, effective and most importantly, engaging. 

Mark has a great deal of experience in digital media and visual communication. As a freelance artist he has worked with a range of companies and clients to produce visual content, from static imagery to animation to fully-interactive media, and has developed a varied and extensive skill set to draw from.

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Born and educated in Edinburgh, Oxford University and Manchester Business School.


Currently non executive chairman, mentor and business angel, chairman mLED Ltd, Scott & Fyfe Ltd and Canmore Partnership Ltd and two DB pension schemes, honorary professor at the University of Glasgow and trustee, Pitlochry Festival Theatre.


Previously had an international business career where he was main board director Coats Viyella plc, managing director Dawson International plc, chairman Stoddard International plc, Iomart Group plc, GAP Group Ltd, Keronite PLC and Halls of Broxburn Ltd, chairman of the Glasgow School of Art, ScotlandIS, Scotland the Brand, IoD (Scotland) and Scottish Networks International, deputy chairman SEPA, non executive director Bank of Scotland (West), Standard Life, Scottish Power plc, Amino Technologies plc, chairman of Quality Assurance Agency Scotland, visiting professor Strathclyde University, external examiner Aberdeen Business School, trustee David Hume Institute and public interest member of Council, ICAS.



Indian Market Video




ELtons 2014 nominated


SQA Endorsement



We are excited to announce that our National 4 ESOL course is now fully endorsed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority – the first digital qualification to receive this recognition.

Thomas Eley BSc


With a wide range of knowledge covering the entire video game development process Thomas has a keen insight on how to entertain through digital means. As a graduate computer games developer he has spent time working on indie video games on a variety of platforms. Using his skills Thomas can quickly design new solutions to old education practices and easily communicate a wide range of ideas to any department.


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This extended demo exclusively for schools and colleges contains one entire module, including the content and collaborative learning tools (web-conferencing app excluded). This equates to around 10% of the entire course.

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