Journey 2 Basic Skills

Numeracy, Literacy and English for Beginners



Currently in development, Journey 2 Basic Skills is a cross-platform self-study course for complete beginners.

Illiteracy affects over 700 million people worldwide and has an impact on employment, poverty, gender and civil rights. With support from the UFI Trust, Klik2learn is developing Journey 2 Basic Skills to address these problems. The journey begins with an introduction to basic literacy and numeracy, teaching learners the rudiments of reading, writing and counting in English.

Example of course on a tablet
Example of course on a tablet
Example of course on a tablet


Although global in outlook, the course contains localized varieties of spoken English: Indian, African, American and British. The course is mapped to the CEFR* at (A0), A1 and A2. Klik2learn’s core team of educators, animators, game developers and designers is collaborating with City College Glasgow and is supplemented by maths specialists and literacy experts. The resources are being developed for low cost smartphones and pre-loaded solar-powered tablets. Journey 2 Basic Skills has support from key educators and foundations in the UK, Europe, India and Africa.


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