Collaborative Learning Platform and Digital Learning Tools

Klik2learn’s Collaborative Learning Platform is the ideal solution for blended learning.

We’ve developed a bespoke platform for education which allows tutors to connect with students whenever and wherever they like and it’s designed to work without dependence on live video connectivity.

Here’s how it works:

  • Use the Notebook to read and mark your students’ writing
  • Use the internal Messaging System to keep in touch with them
  • Use the Voice Recorder to listen to students’ audio audio files and send them audio feedback
  • Use the Forum to start a discussion with your group

Klik2learn’s Digital Tools for self-study include the Notebook for students to make their own notes as they learn and the Voice Recorder tool to record and playback pronunciation activities.

They can also access a fully integrated Oxford Learners’ Dictionary with audio and the Klik2learn Grammar Guide which covers all the basic grammar points clearly and simply for intermediate students.