A Personal Pronunciation Coach on your Smartphone

Do you want to improve your spoken English? Protalk lets you see and hear where you’re going wrong – is it the sounds of English? Is it how you pronounce words or phrases? Protalk gives you feedback in real time and lets you see the difference between you and a native speaker.

  • Listen to a native speaker
  • Record yourself and playback your attempt
  • Test yourself on the 44 sounds of English and find out which ones you need to practise
  • Access the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Match your stress pattern to a native speaker
  • Learn how your voice should rise and fall


Protalk goes much further than speech recognition – it’s your personal pronunciation coach on your smartphone.

‘We reviewed 'Protalk' with keen interest, and strongly felt that it is an amazing way of teaching correct pronunciation.’
Rai Sharad, Softbank Group